The pens arrived and they look great! Thank you for the quick turnaround. I know this isn’t big business for you but you treated it like it was pretty darned important. Thank you for that.

Best regards,

Brian N.



Thanks for being such a great vendor for many years.  I have enjoyed working with you.

Terry W.



The koozies look fabulous, thank so much for the quick turnaround! We love them!




We got all our goodies and they look good…I, personally, LOVE, LOVE the luggage tags!!!

Thanks again Chet!!!

Donna K.



The bottles were great and were a huge hit at our event last weekend!

Lindsey G.



Thanks again for all your help, you make this process so much easier.

Kelly D.



The uniforms turned out amazing!!!! Thank you!!! 

David B.



We picked up the t-shirts. I was really surprised at the amount of detail that came through on the logo! As you know, I was concerned that the "grunge" look wouldn't print as well on a shirt as it did on a piece of paper (!)...but the shirts look wonderful. We'll enjoy wearing them on the beach this year. 



Thanks for taking care of us again this year!

Debby J.



You might be my hero!!

Tammy B.



Fantastic job on the shirts this year!! Homerun! My favorite so far. Love how soft it is, the colors and the subtle graphic on the front. Our bus stop looked great this am w/ all the proud swim team kids!

Cathy A.



So Chet – they are not arriving today. They arrived Monday!!! We have been so busy I haven’t even had time to shoot you an email. They look beautiful. Everyone is very pleased. We already have the 700 bags put together with the tiles inside. The extra cork on the back with hanging tab was an extra bit we were super surprised and happy with. I want to say thank you so much for making this happen. We will definitely be using you in the future.


 Thank you, Chet!  I've worked with a lot of different promotional items vendors over the years, and you have been exceptional to work with ... especially on such short notice!  Diane B.



 Just following up.  I have the goodies in my possession and they all look FANTASTIC. Thanks again for your partnership.   Trent J.




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